Why Steel

Dan Howell

Structural Steel Specialist | Boston

Dan Howell is a structural steel specialist for AISC serving the Boston area market.  Prior to joining AISC, Dan worked for more than 20 years in the building design and construction industry. His experience includes structural design/analysis and resident engineering on commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial projects throughout the northeast; as well as working at FM Global (Factory Mutual) performing design review and construction risk assessments of buildings and other structures in the areas of natural hazards exposures, structural and building envelope systems, and structural fire safety. Dan is a member of several ASCE/SEI 7 committees, the AISI/AISC Fire Committee (TC-8), and the ASCE/SEI/SFPE 29 committee. He is also a member of the NFPA and SFPE. Dan earned his bachelor's in civil engineering from the University of Massachusetts and his master's in structural engineering from the University of Illinois.