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Gregory Clauson

Structural Steel Specialist | Boston Area Market
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Gregory Clauson is a Structural Steel Specialist serving the greater Boston market for the American Institute of Steel Construction and is committed to helping architects, engineers, general contractors and owners achieve better project outcomes by using domestically produced and fabricated structural steel. He brings more than a decade of contracting, engineering and construction experience with various firms throughout the northeast on a wide range of building and bridge projects. Most recently, he worked as a structural engineer at Kleinfelder and before that was a project manager at Executive Building Systems, Inc. He earned his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of New Hampshire.


SteelDay Presentation -- How to Deliver Better Outcomes Using Integrated Steel Teams

The steel industry is on the cusp of reinventing itself to deliver projects faster and with less waste. A recent example of this is the emergence of tighter data exchanges between engineers and fabricators for steel frame projects.

In the past, barriers have prevented mainstream adoption of more integrated approaches, like engineering-led detailing services. However, as project owners strive to deliver projects faster with a smaller workforce and fewer resources, integrated engineering-detailing teams are rising to the call and delivering higher project outcomes.

This workshop will include a panel of engineers, fabricators, and erectors who will compare the pros and cons of delivering steel projects using traditional methods and with new "integrated" methods. They will talk about the benefits they are seeing on projects and why owners and contractors prefer one method over another.

Industry experts representing structural engineering, detailing, fabrication, and erection will participate. AISC will also talk about the latest innovations that will help the industry achieve 50% faster project delivery of steel-framed projects by 2025.

Join AISC and Autodesk on Zoom at 11:00 a.m. EDT on September 25 to learn more about how integrated steel teams can streamline your process.

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