Why Steel

Tenille Bettenhausen

Structural Steel Specialist | Orange County Market

Tenille Bettenhausen is a Structural Steel Specialist serving the greater Los Angeles market for the American Institute of Steel Construction. She earned her BS degree in Architecture from Arizona State University. After graduation, Tenille started her career in architecture with Callison Architecture, where she worked on a wide variety of projects including design rollout projects for Nordstrom and Washington Mutual Bank. She has 18 years of previous experience as an architectural project designer, project engineer in construction, and for the last three years, has been the Business Development Manager for a local architecture firm. Her passion is marketing and building design, and she finds business development and relationship building of the utmost importance. 

Our Structural Steel Specialists are here to teach you all about structural steel, including its many uses, innovations, market conditions and benefits. If you are in the Los Angeles region and would like to learn more, contact Tenille!