Why Steel

Apartments and Condominiums

Structural steel framing achieves low floor-to-floor solutions with ideal bay sizes for apartments and condominiums.

Structural steel framing has long been recognized as a high-strength, dimensionally predictable, rapidly erected framing material.  The selection of a structural steel framing system for a multi-story residential project provides significant benefits to the project, including:

  • Low floor-to-floor heights and maximized floor-to-ceiling heights using steel framing elements and thin-floor systems
  • Flexible spaces thanks to column-free areas-ideal for amenities and a mixture of unit types (link to space utilization page)
  • Enhanced framing quality through the use of  a long-lasting, durable, high-quality material fabricated off-site to tight tolerances (Quality page link)
  • Adaptiveness, as a steel framing system is simpler to expand or remodel (Adaptability page link)
  • Reduced  foundation loads, column footprint and overall project costs thanks to steel's lightweight properties  (Comparison of other material link)
  • Earlier building occupancy thanks to quick  erection, which reduces overall on-site construction, labor and associated time and costs  (link to Schedule page)

Structural steel framing systems are competitive with alternative framing materials -- with the "sweet spot" for buildings five stories and above. Explore the following Multifamily framing concepts to find the best solution for your next project.



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