Why Steel

Office Buildings

Structural steel framing is all business when it comes to office buildings of any size

Structural steel is the market leader for offices,  thanks to benefits such as:

  • Flexible spaces thanks to long  column-free areas, allowing tenants to tailor their work environment to their specific needs
  • Faster construction, reducing overall project duration, labor and general condition costs, and allowing for earlier building occupancy
  • Lower operating costs thanks to efficient HVAC integration, less space to heat and cool and a maintenance-free framing system
  • Enhanced framing quality through the use of  a long-lasting, durable, high-quality material fabricated off-site to tight tolerances
  • Adaptability, as a steel framing system is simpler to expand or remodel - from large occupancy use changes to small changes such as adding a staircase
  • Reduced  foundation loads, column footprints and overall project costs thanks to steel's lightweight properties
  • Freedom of architectural expression through more transparent façades, architecturally exposed elements and open, unobtrusive assemblies
  • Sustainable construction using a fully recycled, locally supplied material while reducing construction waste


  1. Office Building Successes:
    2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campus, Seattle, WA
    3. Christy Webber Landscapes Greenworks, Chicago, IL - 2008 IDEAS2 Winner 
    4. Lamar Construction Headquarters, Hudsonville, MI
  2. Prototypes of Steel Framed Offices (Prototypes section of SSC Link)
  3. Innovative systems in structural steel

Reduced column sizes in steel versus concrete

Reduced column sizes in steel versus concrete buildings yield more usable space on every floor.

Steel spans further than other materials

Steel spans further than other materials. More column-free areas mean more room for future flexibility!

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