SteelDay is the annual celebration of the structural steel industry, sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction and hosted by its members and partners.

SteelDay offers free events throughout the country for AEC professionals, faculty and students and the public to see firsthand how the vibrant U.S. structural steel industry works to build our country’s buildings and bridges.

You’ll learn about the industry’s latest technologies (ranging from improvements in the properties of steel to better equipment and new communication and design tools), see what’s going on today with structural steel and network with people advancing the design and construction industry.

What Makes Structural Steel So Great?

  • Structural steel provides owners with buildings that generate revenue earlier, maximize the amount and use of floor space, are easy to modify and easier to sell, and are aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Structural steel is fabricated off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring a high-quality product and reducing the number of costly fixes at the job site. This also allows for just-in-time delivery, which accelerates overall project schedules. 
  • Steel is strong, lightweight, durable, impact resistant, straightforward to inspect, and easy to refurbish or repair. 
  • Structural steel is at full strength as soon as it's erected, which makes project schedules predictably shorter. 
  • High performance weathering steel and coating technologies provide reliable protection from corrosion when steel is exposed to the elements. 

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