Featured Events

We're hosting events nationwide! Here are just a few!


Birth of the Steel Skyscraper (webinar)
Sept. 28
Presented by: Benjamin Schafer

SteelDay Movie - Leaning Out
Sept. 26

Steel Quiz Live!
Sept. 27
Hosted by: Brent Leu

SteelDay Bookstore Sale
Sept. 28–Oct. 1
Take 10% all publications during our SteelDay promotion.



Architectural Boat Tour
Chicago, Sept. 28
Hosted by: Joe Dardis, AISC structural steel specialist
Atlanta Airport Canopies Site Tour/ AESS Presentation
Atlanta, Sept. 27
Hosted by: Tim Bradshaw, Director of Market Development
Back to School with AISC Certification!
Boston, Sept. 20
Hosted by: Todd Alwood, Director of Certification
Chicago Cookie Delivery
Chicago, Sept. 28
Hosted by: Joe Dardis, AISC structural steel specialist
HARC Leed Platinum & Net Zero Project Tour
Houston, Sept. 28
Hosted by: Alex Morales, AISC structural steel specialist
DFW Steel Facility Tours
Dallas, Sept. 25
Hosted by: Brian Ward, AISC structural steel specialist
Fitts-Woolard Hall Presentation and Site Tour
Raleigh, N.C., Oct. 5
Hosted by: Dennis Pilarczyk, AISC structural steel specialist
North Transfer Station IDEAS2 Award Presentation
Seattle, Sept. 27
Hosted by: Larry Flynn, AISC structural steel specialist
NSBA/AISC Happy Hour
Houston, Sept. 27
Hosted by: Jeff Carlson, NSBA Director of Market Development
Philadelphia SteelDay at Penn First
Philadelphia, Sept. 26
Hosted by: Katherine Quigg, AISC structural steel specialist
Steel Fabrication of the Amazon Spheres
Seattle, Sept 28
Hosted by: Larry Flynn, AISC structural steel specialist

SteelDay Eve AESS Bootcamp and Rooftop Happy Hour
New York, Sept. 27
Hosted by: Jacinda Collins, AISC structural steel specialist

SteelDay Welding Scholarship Contest - Puma Steel
Cheyenne, Wyo., Sept. 28
Hosted by: Rex Buchanan, AISC structural steel specialist
Wilson School Project Tour
Arlington, Va., Sept. 27
Hosted by: Matt Brady, AISC structural steel specialist