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Certificate of Attendance

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"It was a HUGE marketing success and the CEU opportunity really brought the engineers out! We have already received orders and opportunities for work that we would not have had if SteelDay hadn't happened." —Mark W. Trimble, PE, Huntington Steel & Supply, Huntington, WV

"SteelDay gives us a chance to show off the great pride we have in our company...I love all the comments we get from the guests about how special our event is. We not only build and create structures; we are creating wonderful experiences and memories." —Colleen Mosher, Topping Out Inc., Omaha, NE

"SteelDay was a great opportunity for Lincoln Electric to open our doors and showcase our capabilities. It provided us an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with a broad range of people. We are already planning next year." —Deanna Postlethwaite, Lincoln Electric
Cleveland, OH

"I was surprised by the turnout and quality of companies that attended. It made me realize that AISC has relationships with some of the best in the business. Most of the attendees were from the list of companies and individuals sent by AISC. We didn't get many GC's, but the Structural Engineering firms were really into SteelDay. Some of the companies had parties hosted by there own structural engineers and then came by for the tour. We were able to hold their interest with our new automated equipment. Some of them had never set foot in a fabrication shop. Most of them had a lot of questions. I was exhausted by the end of the day." —Bill Dowd, Great Denver Iron, Denver, CO

"Overall, it was a fantastic event to promote steel and Standard Supplies. Our CEO, Debbie Murphy, was thrilled with the response we received from our guests and she firmly believed this event helped put Standard Supplies on the map for companies who were unaware of all the services we can provide. This event was educational as well as a lot of fun." —Jennifer Hennessy, Standard Supplies, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD

"We were able to reach people through your website who weren't already on our mailing list... We had great feedback from our guests. Thank you for all your efforts in helping to support our event. The handouts were very helpful." —Lisa Fulginiti, High Steel Structures LLC, Lancaster, PA

"Making personal connections was the biggest benefit, but instilling pride in our business for our shop people was also a good outcome. We showed off some of our capabilities that some people didn't know about or understand.[SteelDay is a] great idea; we have done some open houses for specific groups in the past, engineers/architects but never to the public. Our plan is to hold another bigger, better advertised event next year and then hold them every other year." —Darin Gillies, Reliance Steel, Inc., Colchester, VT

"We appreciate being included in the Steel Day event. We feel we made a positive and lasting impact on our community, suppliers, vendors engineering and design teams and contributed to the promotion of our product to the construction industry." —John R. Buntin, Advantage Steel, Inc., Tampa, FL

"SteelDay gets better every year. The SteelDay marketing materials and promotional give-aways were a great help and great motivation for our own promotion of the event. Keep up the good work." —Mary Van Order, Radley Corporation, Grand Rapids, MI

"We met people we would have not met otherwise. The networking was great and we got leads not only for our own business but for some of our customers too. Many more people were interested in SteelDay than I thought were going to be from the start. It was great to see. People loved it." —Preston Gibson, Steel Business Briefing, Pittsburgh, PA

"Judging from the turnout at our other branches in Petersburg, Va, Hallandale, Fl and Tampa, Fl, we left a very favorable opinion of the steel industry. You can read or hear about the processes from manufacturing to distribution to fabrication, but until you witness it, you can't perceive what this industry has to offer." —Ronald Demski, Infra-Metals Company, Baltimore, MD

"SteelDay is very important to the future of our business. It showed owners, engineers and contractors exactly what goes into producing a steel job from start to finish and the amount of time each area typically requires for their schedule... I think it's a great idea and Industrial Galvanizers will participate every year." —Bill Schmidt, Industrial Galvanizers Virginia, Petersburg, VA

"Many people don't realize what is involved in steel fabrication and how using steel versus other material for construction is beneficial. I believe after conducting the tours and seeing our presentation of structures we have fabricated that the people learned a better appreciation of the benefits of steel." —Geaniel Rowley, Mountain States Steel, Lindon, Utah

"[SteelDay was great for increasing] awareness of the industry and advanced technology for high school and college students considering a future in the steel industry." —Deanna Kisling, Fresno Fabtech, Sanger, CA

"At the Galvanize It seminars we were able to reach new markets. The exhibits revealed new leads and solidified the relationships of the fabricator and AGS...It was an opportunity to show the benefits of Steel including sustainability, and it gave the public an opportunity to see how steel is such an important part of our life." —Dale Williams, AZZ Galvanizing Services, 22 locations nationwide

"We picked up a potential vendor and acquired a solid lead on new construction job in our area." —Chris Lycke, Chatham Steel Corporation, Durham, NC

"SteelDay provided an opportunity for a new audience to view the laboratory, which could open the door for future graduate students, research collaboration, or project opportunities... I am glad we had the opportunity to participate. This provided us a formal opportunity to open our doors to the steel community and to invite them to observe some of the steel-related research and testing programs being conducted within our laboratory." —Chad Kusko, ATLSS Research Center, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

"This provided a great networking opportunity and potential business with the companies that attended. I feel this was a great way to get a diverse mixture of businesses into our plant, so that they could see the benefits of hot dip galvanizing. It also allowed people to see the galvanizing process and gain more insight on how this process works." —Jim Hardy, Industrial Galvanizers Birmingham, Steele, AL

"Our employees enjoyed it. It was a great morale lift in these slow economic times." –Fred Tinker, Pacific Drafting, Inc., Long Beach, CA

"For our industry, one of the biggest limitations is ignorance about hot-dip galvanizing and how it works. I believe there is also some ignorance about the steel industry as a whole, and this event helps to get accurate information out about the industry." —Melissa Lindsley
American Galvanizers Association, Centennial, CO

"It provides us with a legitimate platform to showcase our company ideals, motives and business model thus bringing our existing or potential clients one step closer to a working relationship. SteelDay also encouraged different members to communicate at different levels thus enhancing knowledge within the multiple processes. SteelDay provided the employees with a chance to promote the company's capabilities and gauge the market through different eyes. It was a mutually enlightening experience for the employees and other attendees. Awareness of the use of steel and its relevance in our daily life through the presentations and further discussions posed a cogent argument. Overall, it was an informative session and pleasant time spent with department heads, owners, other employees and various companies in multidisciplinary fields bound together by a single cause." —Mini Mathew, eCADsystems, LLC, Rochester Hills, MI