Hosting an event for the 11th anniversary of SteelDay at your facility has the potential for massive rewards! 

Benefits of Hosting an Event

  • Develop new connections, leads, orders, and vendors
  • Host a highly engaged and motivated group of companies and individuals 
  • Demonstrate the full range of products and services you provide
  • Create a better appreciation and understanding of the steel life cycle for architects and engineers who don't always see what happens after they specify steel
  • Educate and rectify any misconceptions about your process and product 
  • Employees have the chance to connect with other companies, promote their abilities, and diversify their daily routine

Government Officials

AISC members are encouraged to invite their state or locally elected officials to their plant. It's a great opportunity to showcase our nation's manufacturing capabilities and highlight how the hardworking men and women in your organization contribute to the built environment (buildings and bridges) within your district. 

Inviting AISC Staff to Your Event

Many of our AISC staff are committed to hosting events around the country, but we may have limited availability to send AISC staff members to events on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to request an AISC staff member attend your event, contact Erika Salisbury at

PDH Credit

An easy way for anyone to get PDH credit on SteelDay is to view AISC's SteelDay webinar or our exclusive SteelDay video premiere (more details coming soon!). Both events are free and will be eligible for PDHs.

To be eligible without showing the SteelDay webinar or video premiere, an AISC staff member must present technical content. 

More information coming soon! 

Host Resources


Social Media

AISC Accounts

Quick Tips

  • Include a picture in every post 
  • Do not use punctuation in any hashtag 
  • Connect with users via the SteelDay hashtag and invite them to your event

The official hashtag for 2019 is #SteelDay. the below examples can be used in your promotion along with any of the images in the zip file

Example Posts

  • If you're celebrating #SteelDay register for our event [name of event] and receive a personalized demo! <event link>
  • We're excited to host an 11th anniversary #SteelDay event! You're invited >> [link to your company event]
  • We're a proud host of #SteelDay ! See you Sept. 27! [include picture of your shop/something related to your event]
  • We're thrilled to be one of the SteelDay hosts! Take a pic and tag us and use #SteelDay at our event!
  • You're invited to our #SteelDay event on [date]! Come network and let us know how we can help with all of your steel needs! 

Vanity URLs 

Please use the following links in your promotion: