Why Steel

Steel Sculpture Competition

Congratulations to the 2017 winner "Man of Steel" by Universal Steel of North Carolina (USNC).

View all of the 2017 entries at www.aisc.org/SculptureCompVoting


  • The sculpture must be steel (and only steel) but shapes, sizes and type of material can be your personal preference. 
  • The sculpture must be made entirely by your staff.
  • The finished sculpture must fit in a 2-by-2-by-2 foot box for shipping.
  • All entries must include a title and the name of the company submitting the project. 
  • There's no theme! But keep in mind the characteristics of steel: adaptable, economical, quick, and sustainable.
  • Entrants do not have to be a SteelDay host, but be an AISC full or associate member. 

How to take an award winning photo

  • Lighting: Shoot your sculpture by a window to utilize natural light. Direct sunlight will wash out your sculpture. No window? Face a light towards your sculpture.
  • Background: Use a plain background that doesn't blend in and highly contrasts with your sculpture. All white (usually) works best. 
  • Quality: Take it on a camera (DSLR preferably) to show your sculpture at its best. 


  • Include in your entry the following information: title of sculpture, compay name and one picture of your sculpture. 
  • Please use a solid white background for your photo. JPG, PNG and TIF are acceptable. 
  • Email submissions to mcdonald@aisc.org

2017-2018 contest dates coming soon!