Why Steel

High-Quality Construction

Structural steel is a high-quality material that contributes to a high-quality building

When building quality is of paramount importance, designers choose a structural steel framing system. Structural steel forms the skeleton of the building and supports all of the other building systems.

Structural steel is a predictable material fabricated to tight tolerances by fabricators experienced in quality processes. This predictability starts at the mill, where steel is produced to a known strength, and rolled to known dimensions. Structural engineers using the AISC Specification and Code of Standard Practice can design a safe and stable structure with the confidence that the steel will perform according to published standards.

Steel is customized for specific jobs in a fabrication shop, where tight tolerances are maintained due to the controlled environment, continual advances in equipment and internal quality control programs, which closely monitor layout, cutting, fitting, welding, bolting, painting/galvanizing and shipping.

The quality processes put in place and implemented  by AISC certified fabricators (link to certification) are focused on ensuring consistency in both the finished products and the processes used to make them.. Steel erectors also implement internal quality programs, which include monitoring for proper location, elevation, tolerances, field welding and field bolting.  

AISC's quality standard for detailing, fabrication and erection procedures is contained in Chapter N in the Specification for Structural Steel Buildings. This chapter discusses the fabricator and erector quality control program, required documentation, inspection and nondestructive testing personnel and minimum requirements for inspection.

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