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Field Notes

Welcome to our Field Notes podcast, where we interview industry personalities with interesting stories to tell.

An expert on steel design, fabrication, and erection with a half-century-plus of experience, former LeJeune Steel president Larry Kloiber shares his thoughts on his life in the industry, particularly his work with cambering steel.

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Pinal County Attorney's Office

Did you know that the vertical fins on a saguaro cactus protect the plant from sunburn and overheating by ensuring that no part of the cactus gets more than 15 to 20 minutes of direct sun at a time?

That inspired the team behind the Pinal County Attorney's Office in Florence, Ariz. The building's self-shading fins not only provide a modern, attractive aesthetic but also reduce the building's long-term energy consumption!

Learn all about how cantilevered steel framing helps these fins work their magic in this month's issue of Modern Steel Construction:

Get an even closer look at the eye-catching (and, dare we say, cool) south exterior of the building with our puzzle of the week at!

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