A Century of American Steel Bridges

New Interactive Bridge Timeline
Did you know that the word "dinosaur" is younger than the oldest U.S. steel bridge that's still in service? A lot happened between 1838 and 1938--including the construction of more than 25,000 U.S. steel bridges that are still in service. Check out our new interactive timeline featuring a century of steel bridges throughout history!

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Featured Prize Bridge Award Winner

Andy Warhol Bridge at night with fireworks

Andy Warhol (Seventh Street) Bridge, Pittsburgh
The first self-anchored suspension span constructed in the United States recently underwent rehabilitation work. This bridge, one of the city's famed "Three Sisters," boasts a repainted superstructure, repairs to the substructure, a new bridge deck, and scour protection--and careful attention to the landmark's historical significance during the work.

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Featured Steel Bridge Project

Lake Bridges Over Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley
Opened to traffic in 2018, the new U.S. 68/KY 80 Bridges replaced two narrow 20-foot-wide 1930's era truss bridges. The main spans over each of the navigable waterways with substantial barge traffic feature a unique, basket-handled tied arch superstructure with steel plate girder approaches. 


Featured Historic Steel Bridge

Homestead Grays Bridge
While downtown Pittsburgh is known for iconic long-span steel bridges, there are several impressive and treasured long-span river crossings outside of the downtown area as well, such as the 
Homestead Grays Bridge--a high-level steel bridge nearly 100 feet above the Monongahela River.


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Steel Span to Weight Curves

Need a quick estimate for steel bridge superstructure weight? Then look no further than the NSBA's "Steel Span To Weight Curves". They are a great way to compare various span arrangements and girder spacings on the back-of-an-envelope.


Steel Bridge Design Workshop

Thanks for making our Virtual Steel Bridge Design Workshop a great success! Video recordings and handouts from each of the sessions are now available. 


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