Sustainability Partner Program

The Sustainability Partner Program lifts up and celebrates the sustainable practices of the American structural steel fabrication industry.

You probably know that 90% of fabricated structural steel’s footprint comes from mill material and that mills are constantly making their own processes more sustainable, but did you know that fabricators can help reduce your individual project’s environmental impact?

You can make a difference by working with an AISC Sustainability Partner.

Fabricators: The Green Link in the Supply Chain

Fabrication accounts for less than 10% of structural steel’s carbon footprint, but fabricators themselves can guide decisions that have a much bigger impact.

That’s because fabricators are the connection between procurement and project success. They have a big-picture perspective on all aspects of the steel that goes into your project.

AISC Sustainability Partners

AISC knows the industry inside and out, and we know what the greenest fabricators are doing. We’ve done the legwork to make it easy for you to make a smart, responsible, and informed choice when it comes to partnering with a fabricator.

Our Sustainability Partner fabricators have demonstrated that they have the knowledge and dedication to make a difference on your project team, from minimizing their own environmental impacts to navigating regulatory requirements.

AISC’s program is the only one in the country that leverages the role of structural steel fabricators to reduce environmental impacts, maximize what the supply chain can do, and deliver sustainable project outcomes.

On your next project, ask your fabricator if they have joined the AISC partner program!

Pilot Users

More and more fabricators are joining the program every day, and AISC is grateful to the following member steel fabricators who have championed sustainability and helped develop the Sustainability Partner Program:

  • Capone Iron Corporation
  • Garbe Iron Works, Inc.
  • Novel Iron Works, Inc.
  • SteelFab, Inc.

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