Full Membership

Becoming an AISC Full Member entitles you to many professional and economic benefits including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Significant savings on AISC Certification fees
  • Market information and direct project support providing you with conceptual estimates on specific projects
  • Use of the AISC logo on your company's letterhead, business cards, website, and other industry-related documents and advertising materials
  • A complimentary AISC Membership plaque for display in your office
  • Extensive discounts on all AISC publications
  • Complimentary subscriptions to Modern Steel Construction magazine for each associate included in your membership
  • Technical assistance from our engineering staff at the Steel Solutions Center
  • Low cost business valuation appraisals to help save you money if you need your business appraised
  • One complimentary 15th Edition Steel Construction Manual (a $200 value!)



Annual Dues--All Applicants

An initial dues payment must accompany this application, payable to American Institute of Steel Construction. Should the application be denied, the initial payment will be refunded in full. The amount of the payment is determined by the month the application is made.

January, February, March $950 $400
April, May, June $712 $300
July, August, September $475 $200
October, November, December $237 $100


Monthly Tonnage Dues and Maximum Contribution--All Applicants

Full members who are Fabricators, Structural Steel Producers or Hollow Structural Section (HSS) Manufacturers shall pay a tonnage fee of $1.10 per ton each month for all steel fabricated, produced or manufactured for use in structures, including structural and miscellaneous steel. The tonnage fee for the first 400 tons fabricated is included with the annual fee. The tonnage fee is capped at a maximum annual payment of $50,000. Members still must report all tonnage, including the first 400 tons, on their monthly invoice.

Full Members who are Fabricators shall pay an additional bridge tonnage fee of $1.40 per ton each month on all steel utilized in the fabrication of steel bridges and bridge-like structures. This fee is not exempt from the payment for the initial 400 tons but is capped so the total structural steel tonnage payment plus bridge tonnage payment does not exceed $80,000 annually.

Service Centers

Members shall pay an additional structural steel tonnage fee of $0.15 per ton each month capped at $50,000 per year. This tonnage fee can be paid on either:

  • All steel shipped to companies involved in the fabrication of steel structures
  • All steel HSS shipped with a dimension equal to or larger than 4" and all wide flange with a flange width of 4" or greater

Special Assessments

  • Full members who are Structural Shape Producers, HSS Manufacturers or Steel Plate Producers shall pay a voluntary marketing assessment.
  • Full members who are Plate Steel Producers shall, by the end of January of each year, pay a bridge marketing fee of $14,450.