SteelDay 2019

SteelDay is Friday, September 27, 2019

Feel the ground shake as a colossal electric arc furnace melts old washing machines into brand new structural steel. Marvel at the heat radiating from glowing steel beams as titanic machines roll them to their finished size and shape. See the precision with which a fabricator assembles the parts for a new building. Watch a highly skilled team work safely at breath-taking heights to erect a landmark building using those fabricated beams.

The American structural steel industry has a lot to be proud of—and that starts with the thousands of hardworking people who quite literally build the nation’s future. They represent the best of American industry, and they can’t wait to show you what they do. 

On September 27, you have a unique opportunity to learn first-hand how an old stove turns into the World Trade Center. Steel mills, fabrication plants, and other facilities across the country will open their doors for an annual SteelDay celebration.

Use this site to find a SteelDay event near you so you can meet the people who drive the evolution of the country’s most iconic skylines and find out how the most recycled material in the world becomes the backbone of America’s future.

Join us. #WeAreSteel  #SteelDay