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SteelDays is the Week of October 17-20, 2023!

Why host a SteelDays event? 

SteelDays events draw a broad array of attendees who are interested in learning more about your company and about steel in general. In previous years, thousands of people, ranging from architects, engineers, and contractors to government and DOT officials to students, have come to a SteelDays event at a steel facility. It's the perfect opportunity to make new contacts and promote the advantages of structural steel!

  • Develop new connections, leads, orders, and vendors
  • Host a highly engaged and motivated group of companies and individuals 
  • Demonstrate the full range of products and services you provide
  • Create a better appreciation and understanding of the steel life cycle for architects and engineers who don't always see what happens after they specify steel
  • Educate and rectify any misconceptions about your process and product 
  • Employees have the chance to connect with other companies, promote their abilities, and diversify their daily routine

The question is: How will you participate in SteelDays?


Here you'll find everything you need to help make your SteelDays event a great success!

Event Ideas

  • Facility Tour or Open House 
    The easiest type of event to plan! Set a time, add some food and beverage, and invite your local contacts in for networking and a tour. Add a presentation if you'd like a chance to give attendees more in-depth info about your business.

  • Multiple Facility Tour
    Collaborate with other industry facilities in your area so that attendees can visit multiple types of facilities in one day: e.g., a service center, a fabricator, and a galvanizer.

  • Jobsite Tour
    Are there any projects you're working on locally where a tour could be arranged? 

  • Local Building Tour
    Don't have a project underway? Is there an architecturally interesting steel building nearby where a "behind the scenes" tour could be arranged?

  • Equipment Tour
    Do you own or use some interesting equipment or machinery? For example, many erection companies own and store cranes and other equipment that is of interest to visitors. Offer an equipment tour, followed by a presentation.

  • Presentations/Seminars/SteelTalk
    Sponsor and arrange a seminar or presentation about structural steel for architects, engineers, contractors, or students. Ask AISC for help. 

Whatever you decide, try to make it interactive. Let your guests be involved. The bottom line? It's up to you! Keep it simple or be creative.

Need a little help deciding what kind of event to host? Check out our list of potential event ideas for inspiration.

Register/Modify Your Event

Ready to Register Your SteelDays Event?

If this is your first time hosting a SteelDays event, you'll be prompted to set up a host profile. It only takes a minute. Then you can enter your event details. Give your event an attention-grabbing title and description. Once you have entered your event details, they will be shown on our SteelDays map under the "Find an Event" tab of the SteelDays website. 

Register Your Event

Need to Modify Your Event? 

Click here to manage and edit your SteelDays event information at your convenience. 

Ready to sign up to host a SteelDays event? Here you can easily register a new event or make modifications to an already-existing one.

Promote Your Event

How to Start Promoting Your Event

Make sure your event is visible. 

  • Is your event listing and information at correct?
  • Do you have event information on your own website?
  • Have you created a SteelDays promotional flyer?
  • If you were attending your own event, would you be able to find what you need? 

Let people know you're hosting an event.

  • Tell every member of your organization about your SteelDays event. 
  • Ask them to tell everyone they know about it!
  • Include information about your event in your company newsletter or magazine.
  • Add the SteelDays logo to your company website, along with your event information.
  • Invite all your contacts to your event--everyone you know!
  • Consider making SteelDays your annual customer appreciation day.

Told everyone you know? Tell a few more people!

  • Mail an invitation to local architects, engineers, and contractors.
  • Add the SteelDays logo to all your internal and external documents.
  • Invite a local high school, community college, or university to your facility.
  • Send a press release to local television stations and newspapers about your involvement in SteelDays and about some of the local projects you have been involved in. 
  • Invite the mayor, local legislators or dignitaries, or your local Chamber of Commerce. 

Social Media Quick-Tips

  • Include a picture in every post
  • Do not use punctuation in any hashtag
  • Connect with users via the SteelDays hashtag and invite them to your event

Example Posts:

  • If you're celebrating #SteelDays register for our event [name of event] and receive a personalized demo! <event link>
  • We're excited to host a #SteelDays event! See you October 17-20! [include picture of your shop/something related to your event] 
  • We're thrilled to be one of the SteelDays hosts! Take a pic and tag us using #SteelDays and #WeAreSteel at our event!
  • You're invited to our #SteelDays event on [date]! Come network and let us know how we can help with all of your steel needs! 

Vanity URLs

Please use the following links in your SteelDays promotion: 

Here you will find a variety of tools to help promote your SteelDays event, including tips, templates, photos, and graphics.

Attendee Registration

As people become aware of your event, they will most likely register in one of two ways:

  • Via our website at'll automatically be notified
  • Directly with you using the contact details you posted in your event listing

Either way, keep a good record of your attendees and keep in touch with them regularly during the run-up to SteelDays:

  • Confirm attendance
  • Let them know of any changes to your event details
  • Remind them about your event every two weeks or so, by providing them some more information about what they will see during your event

Here you'll find out how to best handle registrants and keep in touch with potential attendees.

Checklist for Facility Tours

Setting Up the Tour

  • Decide who to invite--consider inviting local legislators or media
  • Send the invitation
  • Track and confirm RSVPs and follow up as necessary
  • Provide directions to your facility
  • Make sure your employees are prepared for the tour

Organizing the Tour

  • Establish the look and feel of welcome area--determine how you want the entrance of your facility to appear when your guests arrive. Think about the type of signage you want to use and whether any displays will be set up here or somewhere else.
  • Place your catering order if you will be providing breakfast or lunch to guests
  • Reserve a room for your guests with appropriate equipment if there will be a presentation
  • Plan your tour script
  • Create name badges for guests and staff
  • Determine what machinery will be in operation
  • Determine required safety equipment--included construction helmets, goggles, gloves, etc.
  • Designate a photographer
  • Display your product if you can
  • Have company brochures or literature available

Conducting the Tour

  • Welcome guests on arrival 
  • Provide safety equipment to your guests, if needed
  • Share your company's story and mention any talking points you prepared
  • Hand out your SteelDays swag from AISC (that's right, as a SteelDays host, you will receive a fun box of swag items to hand out to your event attendees)

After the Tour

  • Send a thank you email to guests
  • Post pictures of your event on social media. Tag AISC in your posts and use the following hashtags: #SteelDays #WeAreSteel
  • Let us know how your event went
  • Start planning next year's SteelDays event!

This simple checklist for Facility Tours will help guide you through setting up, organizing, and conducting the tour.

Questions or comments? Contact us at