Why Steel

Made in America

Structural Steel is Produced and Fabricated in America

American structural steel supports American workers, American businesses, and the American economy.

U.S. structural steel is made by American workers:

  • More than a dozen mills throughout the U.S. produce various structural shapes and plates.
  • There are more than 2,300 fabrication shops across the country, the vast majority of which are family businesses.
  • One American job is created for every 45 tons of structural steel produced, fabricated, and erected in the United States. At the current rate of 7.2 million tons per year, that's a total of 160,000 jobs!
  • These workers provide steel for more than 8,000 projects annually across the United States.

U.S. structural steel is a locally sourced and recycled material:

  • American structural steel is made of steel scrap collected in the U.S.
  • The industry average for recycled content in domestic structural steel is over 90%.
  • Nearly all American structural steel (98%) is captured at the end of its life and recycled into new American steel products.
  • A five-story steel-framed office building uses 500 tons of American structural steel; this is equivalent to 360 shredded automobiles, 65 tons of curbside recycling, 79 tons of industrial scrap and 122 old appliances.

U.S. structural steel industry meets domestic demand:

  • American steel mills have the capacity to produce 9 million tons of structural steel each year.
  • 7.2 million tons of structural steel were used in the U.S. in 2015.
  • Existing American structural steel manufacturers can easily meet all domestic demand.

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