Why Steel

Coatings & Corrosion Protection

Steel provides long-term durability

Concrete cracks. Wood rots and burns. Steel rusts. These are the undeniable facts of each of the major construction materials. The good news is that steel corrosion can be addressed in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

Corrosion is not a concern when steel is enclosed by building finishes, coated with a contact-type fireproofing or in contact with concrete. In these cases, the steel does not need to be primed or painted. This covered condition applies to the majority of steel building applications, which leaves only a few special conditions where steel needs to be protected. And when protected and maintained properly, steel provides long-term durability even in these situations.

Steel protection comes in a variety of forms, all suited to specific environments. Galvanizing, high-performance coating systems and exposed weathering steel are all options that can easily provide long-term durability.  Selecting the right protection and maintenance plan can be addressed  in an inclusive conversation between the designers and the owner. The keys to selection are identifying the following: the end use of the steel member, a realistic estimate of time and severity of exposure of each coat of pain, an economic evaluation of initial cost versus future maintenance cost and a practical determination of the division between shop and field work and responsibilities.


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