Why Steel

Parking Garages

Steel is a durable, economical and aesthetically pleasing framing material for parking structures

Structural steel framed garages are an economical, high performance alternative to concrete garages.  Why choose a concrete garage when steel can save you both time and money today and in the future?  Here's what steel can do for you:

  • Lower construction costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs as opposed to escalating restoration costs
  • Reduced foundation requirements resulting from a lighter structure
  • Fewer, smaller columns, providing greater parking density and more parking spaces
  • Bright, open interiors enhancing patron security and comfort
  • Architecturally Flexible (can use any type of façade) and flexible layout options for irregular sites
  • Convenience and ease of future vertical and horizontal expansion
  • Simplicity of design and inspection
  • Safe and economical to erect in winter months
  • Superior long-term durability: corrosion protection with proper application of high performance coatings or hot dip galvanizing extends service life.
  • In most cases, open-deck, stand alone steel framed parking garages require no fire protection

Still need help?

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