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Facade Attachments

Structural steel offers simplified facade attachments

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Attaching facade elements to a steel frame is much simpler than other framing types thanks to steel's tight fabrication tolerances. One of the most challenging details facing designers is supporting  a building facade system. The interface between structure and skin can be simplified with steel framing and properly implemented details. 

Properly designing and detailing structural components around the slab edge to support the facade can have a tremendous positive impact on the overall cost of a project, as well as the facade's functionality. There are many factors to consider when developing a design strategy to address facade loads, including:

  • facade type
  • facade location relative to the structural frame
  • how far the slab cantilevers past the spandrel beam
  • the strength of the slab and metal deck
  • the orientation of the metal deck and adjacent framing

There are many ways to address facade attachments, but the key is to develop one that is economical and efficient. The below resources provide guidance for successful facade attachments to structural steel building frames.


  1. Design Guide 22: Facade Attachments to Steel-Framed Buildings
  2. Pushing the Envelope: Facade Attachments to Steel Frames - MSC 2007
  3. Steelwise: Details from the Edge - MSC 2012
  4. eLearning: Facade Attachments to Steel Framed Buildings

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