Certification Search Tips & Tricks

Thanks for using the Certification Search! On this page, you'll find tips for using the new search, information on conditional certification, and updates to our program names. If you have feedback on this search, please complete this form. For questions about the search or certification, contact us at certification@aisc.org or 312.670.7520.

Looking for tips to improve your search results?

  • You can type all or part of a company name in the Company Name search box, and then hit enter. This will filter down the large map, the state map, and the list of companies to those that match your criteria. To remove this filter, select the small "x" in the search box.
  • Alternatively, you can select a Certification Type to filter the maps and list. To remove this filter, select the "All" option.
  • You can select a State from the state map (on the far right; domestic search only) to filter to participants in that state. Using the Control button, you can select multiple states. Remove this filter by clicking on each highlighted state again.
  • Using multiple filters, such as Certification Type and State, will combine the two criteria and return a smaller number of results.
  • Hovering over any of the dots on the main map will show details for that participant. Clicking on any of the dots from the main map will filter the results.
  • The participant list at the bottom of the page shows company phone numbers and websites. Clicking on any of the websites will bring up a hyperlink to the site.

What is the difference between conditional and full certification?

The difference between "Conditional Certification" and full certification is that the physical portion or direct observation of the shop operations or field processes has not been assessed. But, the quality management system, including its procedures, manual, and records, have been reviewed and assessed. For more information, please refer to Section 7.1.2 of the GRs.

Are you using the correct certification type?

In 2021, we updated and added new certification types. The table below lists the current certifications and endorsements and those that have been superseded. Please use this information to update your project specifications.

Current Certification and Endorsement Superseded
Certified Building Fabricator (BU) N/A
Certified Bridge Fabricator - Simple (SBR) Simple Bridge Certification
Certified Bridge Fabricator - Intermediate (IBR) Major Bridge Certification
Certified Bridge Fabricator - Advanced (ABR) Major Bridge Certification
Certified Highway Component Manufacturer (CPT) Certified Metal Component Manufacturer
Certified Hydraulic Fabricator (HYD) N/A
Certified Hydraulic Fabricator - Advanced (HYDA) N/A
Certified Erector (CSE) Certified Steel Erector (Advanced)
Fracture Control Endorsement (FCE) Fracture Critical Endorsement
Fracture Control Endorsement for Hydraulic (FCEH) N/A
Complex Coatings Endorsement - Enclosed, Covered and Exposed (CCE-1, CCE-2 and CCE-3) Sophisticated Paint Endorsement - P1 Enclosed, P2 Covered and P3 Exposed