AISC TURNS 100: A Century of Steel

AISC Revisits the 1980s

As AISC looks forward to the next 100 years of bringing together the structural steel industry, we're also looking back at the decades that defined both AISC and the world in general, starting from the very beginning.

The 1980s was a wild decade. The Berlin Wall fell, the World Wide Web launched, and some of the United States’ iconic skyscrapers rose. Through it all, AISC continued to support the American steel industry. Click through to explore the most memorable events in the 1980s and see the stunning steel bridges and buildings that were erected during the decade.

This timeline is part of a yearlong celebration of AISC's centennial and joins a retrospective of historic articles, other interactive timelines, and more. Later in October, AISC will explore the 1990s. Stay tuned!

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