National Steel Bridge Alliance

AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration Documents


The collaboration writes documents in two forms: Specification "S" documents and Guide "G" Specification documents. "S" documents are written in spec language and are intended to be adopted in whole as part of the contract documents. "G" documents are written as references to be used during the design, fabrication and construction processes. All documents represent a consensus of best practices developed by industry. Referencing the document allows for a common language across all stakeholders.


Guide Specification "S" Documents

Guide Specification "S" documents serve as a standard template for contract documents. The Collaboration suggests you use as much of this language as possible, as governed by local statutes and regulations.

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Guideline "G" Documents

Guideline "G" documents contain best practices for the design, fabrication, and construction processes, using a common language across all stakeholders, including engineers, owners, fabricators, and erectors.

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