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AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration Meetings

Upcoming AASHTO/NSBA Steel Bridge Collaboration Meetings

The fall 2024 meeting will take place on October 22 - 24 in New Orleans and the spring 2025 meeting will take place April 29 - May 1 in a location to be determined.  More information about these meetings will be posted below as it becomes available.  In the meantime, please save the date!

Fall Meeting Announcement - Coming Soon


Task Groups

TG 1 - Detailing

Chair: Randy Harrison, W&W | AFCO Steel

Vice Chair: Gary Wisch, DeLong's, Inc.

Mission: This task group is specifically responsible for the creation and maintenance of guidelines and best practices for the creation of clear, concise design and fabrication drawings.



TG 4 - QA/QC

Chair: Jamie Hilton, KTA-Tator, Inc.

Vice Chair: Robin Dunlap, High Steel Structures

Mission: This task group primarily focuses on the requirements for a Fabricator’s quality control program, with emphasis on the development and implementation of a quality control plan and minimum requirements for an Owner’s quality assurance program.



TG 9 - Bearings 

Chair: Michael Culmo, CHA Consulting, Inc.

Vice Chair: Ron Watson, RJ Watson, Inc.

Mission: This task group is specifically responsible for the creation and maintenance of guidelines and best practices for steel bridge bearings.


  • Currently Available: G9.1.2004
  • Under Development: G9.1


TG 11 - Design

Chair: Brandon Chavel, Michael Baker International

Vice Chair: Domenic Coletti, HDR

Mission: This task group aims to develop and maintain consensus guidelines to assist with the design of steel bridges and their components.


  • Currently Available: 
  • Under Development: G11.1



TG 13 - Analysis of Steel Bridges

Chair: Deanna Nevling, HDR

Vice Chair: Francesco Russo, Russo Structural Services

Mission: This task group's focus has been the development of guidance on the issues related to steel girder bridge analysis and to educate Engineers so that they can better make decisions for their own projects.


  • Currently Available: G13.1.2019
  • Under Development: G13.2


TG 15 - Data Modeling for Interoperability

Chair: Aaron Costin, University of Florida

Vice Chair: Grant Schmitz, HDR

Mission: This task group’s primary focus is on facilitating the development of bridge industry consensus standards for data description, modeling, and interoperability for integrated design, construction, and lifecycle management of bridges (i.e. BIM).


  • Currently Available: 
  • Under Development: G15.1, G15.10


TG 17 - Steel Castings

Chair: Jennifer Pazdon, Cast Connex

Vice Chair: Jason Stith, Michael Baker International

Mission: The mission of this task group will be to develop and disseminate resources specific to the US steel bridge community to support the increased and effective use of castings in steel bridges. The targeted community includes design engineers, DOT professionals, steel fabricators, steel erectors, inspectors, general contractors, and detailers.


  • Currently Available: 
  • Under Development: S17.1


MC - Main Committee

Chair: Ronnie Medlock, High Steel Structures

Vice Chair: Christina Freeman, Florida Department of Transportation

Mission: The Collaboration Main Committee provides oversight and guidance for all Task Groups. A meeting of the Main Committee will take place at the end of each Collaboration meeting.


TG 2 - Fabrication and Repair

Chair: Heather Gilmer, Pennoni

Vice Chair: Duncan Paterson, Alfred Benesch & Company

Mission: This task group aims to achieve quality and value in the fabrication of steel bridges through standardization of steel bridge fabrication across the nation.



TG 8 - Coatings

Chair: Johnnie Miller, KTA-Tator, Inc.

Vice Chair: Derrick Castle, Sherwin-Williams

Mission: This task group primarily focuses on the functions, operations, requirements, and activities needed to achieve consistent quality in steel bridge coatings. At the same time, the group acknowledges the need for a cooperative approach to quality, where the Owner’s and Contractor’s representatives work together to meet their responsibilities, resulting in efficient steel bridge coatings that meet all contractual requirements.



TG 10 - Erection

Chair: Brian Witte, Parsons

Vice Chair: Jason Stith, Michael Baker International

Mission: This task group develops guidelines and specifications that establish and define the basic, minimum requirements for the transportation, handling, and erection of steel bridge components to ensure safe steel erection as well as quality and value in the completed bridge structure.


  • Currently Available: S10.1.2023
  • Under Development: S10.1, G10.2


TG 12 - Design for Constructability and Fabrication

Chair: Christina Freeman, Florida Department of Transportation

Vice Chair: Russell Jeck, Siefert Associates LLC

Mission: This task group primarily focuses on addressing the questions that have been and are continually asked concerning the constructability of steel bridges according to the latest practice for steel mills, fabrication, detailing, erection, and design.


  • Currently Available: G12.1.2020
  • Under Development: G12.1, G12.2


TG 14 - Field Repairs and Retrofits

Chair: Kyle Smith, GPI

Vice Chair: Nick Haltvick, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Mission: This task group primarily focuses on providing practical solutions for design and implementation of field repairs and retrofits of existing steel bridges.



TG 16 - Orthotropic Deck Panels

Chair: Sougata Roy, FHWA

Vice Chair: Frank Artmont, Modjeski & Masters, Inc.

Mission: This task group aims to establish an Orthotropic Steel Deck (OSD) panel design that can be cost-effectively produced in the United States for the bridge market.


  • Currently Available: 
  • Under Development: G16.1


TG 18 - Duplex Stainless Steel

Chair: Jason Provines, Virginia Department of Transportation

Vice Chair: Nancy Baddoo, Steel Construction Institute

Mission: This task group will include experts from the carbon steel and stainless steel communities and will work together to develop standalone material, design, welding, fabrication, and construction guide specifications for using duplex stainless steel for vehicular plate girder bridges. These guide specifications will be largely based on existing duplex stainless steel design and fabrication specifications (such as AISC 370), but will be revised to provide the same formatting and flow as the standards typically used in the steel bridge community, such as AASHTO LRFD or AASHTO/AWS D1.5.


    • Currently Available: 
    • Under Development: G18.1, G18.2, G18.3



Get Involved! The collaboration is made up of volunteer task groups. Contact us at to find out how you can participate and contribute. 

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