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Building Information Modeling

Before the phrase "BIM" was ever coined, The structural steel industry had been a leader in advanced 3D modeling. Going back over three decades, pioneers in the structural steel industry have been utilizing 3D modeling to make structural steel the material of choice.

This is reflected today as the structural steel industry is widely viewed as leaders and pacesetters in the BIM world. Today, the Structural steel industry is considered the most competent users of BIM among all trades.

Learn about some of the technology initiatives that are shaping the industry going forward:

  • steelXML: eCommerce schema for structural steel
  • IFC: interoperability platform for automating structural steel fabrication
  • Model Review: transitioning from 2D based to 3D based review and approval
  • LOD: level of development

Check out our BIM & VDC Resources Page for more information. You can also download our BIM Guide here, and read more about it in the article "Writing the Book on BIM" in the December 2019 issue of Modern Steel Construction

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