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Anchorage of Steel Building Components to Concrete

Anchorage of Steel Building Components to Concrete

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Anchorage of Steel Building Components to Concrete

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Marsh, M. Lee; Burdette, Edwin G. (1985). "Anchorage of Steel Building Components to Concrete," Engineering Journal, American Institute of Steel Construction, Vol. 22, pp. 33-39.

Anchorage of steel building components to concrete is a fact of life. It has been used, and will continue to be used, in essentially all steel industrial structures. It would seem logical that the behavior and consequently the design principles concerning such anchorages are as well understood, for instance, as those concerning flexure of the components themselves. However, such has not always been the case. Because of this situation, recent work has been undertaken to enhance understanding of anchorage behavior. Much of this work has been brought about as a result of the stringent quality assurance programs of the nuclear power industry with the corresponding stringent design requirements for anchorage to concrete. While the nuclear industrys design requirements are rather rigorous relative to the needs of the industrial building industry, much of the information obtained to meet these requirements can be utilized in industrial building applications. The purpose of this paper is to describe various types of anchorage devices, discuss their behavior and present appropriate design guidelines for implementation in industrial building construction.

  • Published: 1985, Quarter 1


M. Lee Marsh; Edwin G. Burdette