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Cold Bending of Wide-Flange Shapes for Construction

Cold Bending of Wide-Flange Shapes for Construction

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Cold Bending of Wide-Flange Shapes for Construction

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Bjorhovde, Reidar (2006). "Cold Bending of Wide-Flange Shapes for Construction," Engineering Journal, American Institute of Steel Construction, Vol. 43, pp. 271-286.

In addition to complete structures such as arches, curved structural members are also used extensively in construction. Some of the individual members are curved about the strong axis of the shapes; others are curved about the weak axis. Common to the examples presented and to most building applications is the fact that the curving of such members is mostly done at ambient temperature. Such cold bending places greater demands on the curving equipment that is used, to the effect that larger curving forces are needed. Higher temperature curving is certainly feasible for many applications, and a number of bending companies use it on a regular basis. It is almost always used when straightening repair of bridge girders is needed. For practical reasons the material that is presented focuses on applications of bent structural members for building-type structures. Bridge structures rarely use members that are curved as much as those described, and therefore, fatigue and similar considerations are not addressed.

  • Published: 2006, Quarter 4


Reidar Bjorhovde