Design Guide 27: Structural Stainless Steel (Second Edition)

Design Guide 27: Structural Stainless Steel (Second Edition)

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Design Guide 27: Structural Stainless Steel (Second Edition)

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Design Guide 27, 2nd Ed., Structural Stainless Steel, provides guidance for the design of structural stainless steel.  It is written for engineers experienced in the design of carbon steel structural components but not necessarily in the design of stainless steel structures and is aligned with the design provisions in the 2021 AISC Specification for Structural Stainless Steel Buildings. It applies to the design of structural hot-rolled or welded open sections such as I-shaped members, channels, and equal-leg angles. It also applies to rectangular and round hollow structural sections (HSS). The guidance provided is applicable to austenitic, duplex, and precipitation hardening stainless steel structural sections with thickness 8 in. and greater. Major topics covered are material behavior and selection, cross-section design, member design, connections, and fabrication. Dimension and property tables are included as well as design tables covering available strength for flexural and compression members and connections. Design examples are also included.

Publication Date: April 2022