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Flexural Strength of WT Sections

Flexural Strength of WT Sections

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Flexural Strength of WT Sections

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Ellifritt, Duane S.; Wine, Gregory; Sputo, Thomas; Samuel, Santosh (1992). "Flexural Strength of WT Sections," Engineering Journal, American Institute of Steel Construction, Vol. 29, pp. 67-74.

WT sections are commonly used as chord members in lightly and moderately loaded roof and floor trusses. In this application, these members are subjected to combined axial and flexural loads. The design of these sections for flexural loads was not specifically addressed in the ASD Specification. Not until the publication of the LRFD Specification was flexural loading of these sections directly addressed. With the advent of ultimate strength design methods included in the LRFD Specification, it became obvious that these sections could carry increased loads. This paper will look at design capacity for these sections and will report on laboratory experimentation supporting these limits.

  • Published: 1992, Quarter 2


Duane S. Ellifritt; Gregory Wine; Thomas Sputo; Santosh Samuel