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LRFD Beam Tables for Structural Tubes

LRFD Beam Tables for Structural Tubes

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LRFD Beam Tables for Structural Tubes

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Sputo, Thomas (1990). "LRFD Beam Tables for Structural Tubes," Engineering Journal, American Institute of Steel Construction, Vol. 27, pp. 111-113.

In his practice, the author often uses structural tubes as flexural members in areas that will be visible in the completed structure. Tubes, being closed sections, have excellent resistance to lateral-torsional buckling and are more visually pleasing than W-shapes. An allowable stress design aid for structural tubes used as beams has been previously published in this Journal. As this author is shifting his practice from allowable stress design to LRFD, load factor design selection tables were developed in accordance with the LRFD Specification. These tables are set up similar to the beam selection tables in Part 3 of the LRFD Manual of Steel Construction.

  • Published: 1990, Quarter 3


Thomas Sputo