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Structural Steel and Fire; More Realistic Analysis

Structural Steel and Fire; More Realistic Analysis

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Structural Steel and Fire; More Realistic Analysis

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Lie, T.T.; Stanzak, W.W. (1976). "Structural Steel and Fire; More Realistic Analysis," Engineering Journal, American Institute of Steel Construction, Vol. 13, pp. 35-42.

STRUCTURAL FIRE RESISTANCE"" is the name given to the property of a buildings structural elements that enables it to withstand the effects of fire. For common structural elements such as columns, beams, floors, and walls, this property is quantified by the provisions of a standard fire test.18 This test establishes the structural fire endurance of load-bearing building components in terms of the length of time they can resist collapse. The most significant feature of the fire test standard is that it defines a temperature-time function for the fire atmosphere to which the structure is exposed. Consequently, a standard fire test provides a yardstick by which the performance of one element may be compared with that of another under standardized conditions; it does not necessarily provide a measure of performance of an element under actual loading and fire conditions.

  • Published: 1976, Quarter 2


T.T. Lie; W.W. Stanzak