Fabricated by Plas-Tal (AISC Member)Waffle is an elegant four-story tower building with gently curving surface sculpted by vertical and horizontal steel fin plates, which is currently the home to a modern restaurant, known as Vespertine, in Culver City, California. A closer look, however, reveals the amazingly intricate relationship between each element. Visible from everywhere, inside the four corners of the building, are silver colored 18-inch diameter steel pipe columns, twisting and bending with precise fabrication accuracy, as they seem to follow the exterior surface in careful harmony.

  • Project Category: Year 2019
  • Location: Culver City, CA
  • Award Winner Year: 2019
  • Award Category: National Award - Less than $15 million
  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Submitting Firm: NAST Enterprises Corp.
  • Photo Credit: 1,2,3 - Tom Bonner; 4 - Hooman Nastarin; 5 - Tom Bonner