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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time. 

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Constructability and Teamwork [F3] 0 Apr 2008 David Ruby NASCC
Using Cold Formed Steel Members - Where Do I Begin? [F7] 0 Apr 2008 Roger LaBoube; Brian Jaks NASCC
New Technology for Fabrication [F8] 0 Apr 2008 Mike Sharp NASCC
A Discussion of Elements Impacting the Fabrication Schedule at Waiward [F12] 0 Apr 2008 Jim Kanerva NASCC
Construction Contracts: Who's the Fairest of Them All? AIA vs. ConsensusDOCS [F14] 0 Apr 2008 Matthew Gillies; Anne Gorham NASCC
Partially Restrained and Flexible Moment Connections [P7] 0 Apr 2008 Louis Geschwindner NASCC
AISC Certification: New Directions and Continual Improvement [R1] 0 Apr 2008 Ted Sheppard; Louis Triandafilou NASCC
Teamwork [R7] 0 Apr 2008 David Douglas; Eddie Williams NASCC
The Cumberland Flyover Bridge - A Shallow Curved Steel Girder Design Example 0 Apr 2019 Johann Aakre, PE, SE; Irsilia Colletti, PE WSBS
Accelerated Bridge Construction Case Study: Bear Creek Bridge Slide 0 Apr 2019 Chris Ray; George Avalos WSBS