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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Research on Low Ductility Concentrically Braced Frames [N22] 0 Apr 2018 Larry Fahnestock, PE, PhD; Eric Hines, PE, PhD NASCC
Open Web Steel Joist Composite Floor System [N25] 0 Apr 2018 Dave Samuelson, PE; Sam Fares, SE, PE, PEng NASCC
Nothing Flat About Steel Joists and Steel Deck On a Pitched Roof [N26] 0 Apr 2018 Tom Sputo, SE, PE, PhD; Ben Pitchford, PE NASCC
Solutions for Vibration Issues -- Evaluation and Retrofits [N28] 0 Apr 2018 Thomas Murray, PE, PhD; Brad Davis, SE, PhD NASCC
Insidious Thermal Forces in Steel Structures: What You Need to Know [N30] 0 Apr 2018 Barry Arnold, SE, PE NASCC
Let's Talk Seismic - In Language We Can All Understand [N31] 0 Apr 2018 Brent Maxfield, SE NASCC
Frequently Misunderstood Wind and Seismic Provisions [N32] 0 Apr 2018 Emily Guglielmo, SE, PE, CE NASCC
The Development of Off-Site Applied Intumescent Coatings in the UK: History and Lessons [N36] 0 Apr 2018 John Dowling NASCC
Steel Framed Stairway Design [N3] 0 Apr 2018 Adam Friedman, SE, PE NASCC
Alternate Load Paths in High-Rise Towers -- Practical Approaches to Prevent Progressive Collapse [N6] 0 Apr 2018 Jeffrey Smilow, PE, F.ASCE NASCC