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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
San Antonio Medical Center [CS1] 0 Mar 2017 Wendall Hirschfeld; Vicki Ford, SE, PE; Vincent Bosworth NASCC
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 1 [CS8] 0 Mar 2017 Robert Pallmann; Erich Oswald; David Smith NASCC
The Little Site That Could: 150 N Riverside [CS2] 0 Mar 2017 Rob Chmielowski; Chris Simonson; Joe Jurasits NASCC
Hat Truss Trick -- Overcoming Design and Erection Challenges of a 24-Story Vertically-Hung Gravity Load System [CS4] 0 Mar 2017 Peter Lee; Patrick Hassett; Mark Mundy NASCC
Design Assist Case Studies of Successful Design Assist Projects [CS5] 0 Mar 2017 Peter Cheever; Cameron Baker NASCC
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 3 [CS10] 0 Mar 2017 Hooman Nastarin, PE; Richard B. Garlock, PE NASCC
Field Connections -- Safe and Economical Tips [CN5a] 0 Mar 2017 Gary Violette NASCC
Winning IDEAS in steel-framed building design: Part 2 [CS9] 0 Mar 2017 Daniel Wang, SE; Bryan Seamer; S.G. Richard Liu, PE; Paul Bielamowicz, AIA NASCC
Secrets of the Manual to Get it Done [CN1a] 0 Mar 2017 Carol Drucker NASCC
Design and Detailing Considerations for Cantilever MomentConnections through W Shaped and HSS Columns [CN2a] 0 Mar 2017 Bill Merrell NASCC