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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Accelerated Bridge Construction 0 Apr 2016 Norm McDonald; Vincent Gastoni; Karl Barth NASCC
Accelerated Bridge Construction: Lessons Learned 0 Apr 2012 Ahmed Abu-Hawash; Shoukry Elnahal; Tim Noles NASCC
Accounting for Residual Stress in the Seismic Stability of Nonlinear Beam-Column Elements with Cross-Section Fiber Discretization 0 Apr 2008 Charles-Philippe Lamarche; Robert Tremblay; Ìäcole Polytechnique; Motreal NASCC
Achieving Economical Long Spans with Composite Truss Construction 0 Mar 2015 David Stevenson; Tim Verhey NASCC
Advanced Analysis Techniques for Design and Erection 0 Apr 2016 Paul Biju-Duval; Duncan Paterson; Anna Rakoczy NASCC
Advances and Applications of Generalized Beam Theory 0 Apr 2016 Climar Basaglia; Leandro Palermo Jr.; Dinar Camotim; Nuno Silvestre; Rodrigo Goncalves; David Henriques; Dinar Camotim; Enio Mesacasa Junior; Maximiliano Malite; Climar Basaglia NASCC
Advances In Analysis and Design for Stability 0 Mar 2014 Clarence Miller NASCC
Advances in Analysis and Design for Stability 0 Apr 2016 Sandor Adany; Junle Cai; Christopher D. Moen; Bob Glauz; Pedro B. Dinis; Dinar Camotim; Ben Young NASCC
Advances in Stability Analysis and Design 0 Apr 2013 Don Sherman NASCC
Advances in Stability Analysis and Design 0 Apr 2012 Ronald Ziemian NASCC