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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Steel Erectors Association of America Iron Worker Craft Training [N27] 0 Apr 2016 Tim Eldridge NASCC
Flexural Members: Is My Cb Factor Correct? [N49A] 0 Apr 2016 Todd Helwig NASCC
Flexural Members: Is My Cb Factor Correct? 1 Apr 2016 Todd Helwig, PhD, PE NASCC
Corrosion Protection Solutions [B2] 0 Apr 2016 Tom Langill; Brian Raff; Charles-Darwin Annan NASCC,WSBS
Practical Implementation of Composite Floor Designs [N56] 0 Apr 2016 Will Jacobs NASCC
Evaluation and Strengthening of In-Service Bridges [B8] 0 Apr 2016 William Collins; James Seal; Kerry Kreitman NASCC,WSBS
Erecting a 300-ft Span Roof Truss Without Shoring [N77] 0 Apr 2016 William Merrell; Jeff Minter NASCC
Stability Bracing Behavior and Consequences of Inadequate Bracing [S3] 0 Apr 2016 Yang Wang; Stalin Armijos; Todd A. Helwig; Michael D. Engelhardt; Patricia Clayton; Eric Williamson; Colter Roskos; Paul Biju-Duval; Oguzhan Bayrak; Hannah B. Blum; Kim J.R. Rasmussen; Cliff D. Bishop; Morgan Griffith; Brian M. McDonald NASCC