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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Design Guide 30: Sound Isolation and Noise Control in Steel Buildings 0 Apr 2016 Benjamin Markham NASCC
Stability at High Temperature Conditions 0 Apr 2016 Benjamin W. Schafer; Mohammed A. Morovat; Michael D. Englehardt; Todd A. Helwig; Eric M. Taleff; Zhichao Lai; Amit H. Varma; Hua Yang NASCC
Industrial Buildings and Nonbuilding Structures: Design Challenges 0 Apr 2016 Bill Scott; James Ryan; Krunal Patel; John Rolfes NASCC
Hanger Loads: What's the Hang-up? 0 Apr 2016 Bill Thornton NASCC
Advances in Steel Connection Analysis 0 Apr 2016 Bo Dowswell; Jonathan Weigand NASCC
Steel Floor Design for Vibration-sensitive Equipment 0 Apr 2016 Brad Davis NASCC
Evaluating the Challenges of Skewed Bridges 0 Apr 2016 Brandon Chavel; Dusten Olds; Myles Lewis; Julie Rivera NASCC
Fracture Critical Determination: Existing and Future Policy; Part 1 0 Apr 2016 Brian Kozy; Dennis Mertz NASCC
Training the Trades Using a Distance Learning Model 0 Apr 2016 Bryan McClure NASCC
From Complex Problems to Simple Solutions 0 Apr 2016 Carol Drucker; Michael Herriges; Tom Petrilla NASCC