Continuing Education

NS19 Handouts: Session 4

Handouts for Night School 19, Session 4, are now available.

Handout:  2 per page Rev 1 03.06.19

Handout:  4 per page Rev 1 03.06.19

NOTE TO REGISTRANTS: this handout includes updated slides of the combined loading example (Slides 23-46), as it was noticed that the detail, discussed on Monday, had a conflict between the center bolts and the column web.

The attached handouts have revisions to the following slides:

  • 23-46 -- Detail modified to remove conflict between bolts and column web.
  • 58-59 -- Drafting update to clarify that the bottom flange is not welded in Option 1.
  • 65-69 -- Detail updated to show directly-welded flanges, which is the more commonly-occurring detail at such locations.