The AISC Podcast series, Steel Profiles, brings you up close and personal with many of the steel industry's leading professionals. All interviews are conducted by Margaret Matthew, AISC senior engineer.  You can easily download the Steel Profiles interviews directly from our website.  Or, find them on iTunes.  These short podcast recordings are perfect listening for your commute or in your free time.  Don't miss out, listen today!

Episode 27 - January 2018 - Lawrence F. Kruth

January 2018's new episode features an interview with Lawrence F. Kruth, PE, AISC vice president of engineering and research. Tune in to hear Margaret chat with Larry about how his father inspired him to be an engineer, his plans for the future of the E&R department, and his favorite Star Trek episode. (34:59) 

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Episode 26 - May 2016 - Ronald D. Ziemian

May 2016's new episode features an interview with Ronald D. Ziemian, Ph.D. Tune in to listen to Margaret chat with Ron about his mentor, the legendary Bill McGuire, the most important concept for engineers to understand about stability,and his best advice for graduating engineering students. (1:09:09) 

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Episode 25 - March 2015 - Lawrence Griffis

March 2015's new episode features an interview with Lawrence Griffis, P.E., Senior principal and senior consultant at Walter P Moore & Associates. Tune in to listen to Margaret chat with Larry about his pioneering efforts in long-span roof structures and retractable roof systems, his take on the ASCE-7 Wind Provisions, and his admiration for Gustave Eiffel. (45:09)

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Episode 24 - September 2014 - Rafael Sabelli

September 2014's new episode features an interview with Rafael Sabelli, S.E., principal and director of seismic design at Walter P Moore. Tune in to listen to Margaret chat with Rafael about his path from philosophy student to seismic expert, what type of seismic-force resisting system he would like to be, and to hear the best joke he's ever delivered to a lecture audience (and the worst!) (33:58).

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Episode 23 - January 2014 - Robert O. Disque

A new year brings a shiny new episode in January 2014 featuring an interview with Mr. Steel himself, Robert O. Disque, P.E. - AISC alumni emeritus and former chief engineer. Tune in to hear Bob and Margaret discuss his service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, his two-decade tenure as AISC Chief Engineer and his one piece of advice for structural engineers starting out in the field. (36:36)

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Episode 22 - September 2012 - John Fisher

September's (2012) episode features an interview with Dr. John Fisher, P.E. - Professor Emeritus of Lehigh University.  Tune in to hear John and Margaret discuss his contributions to the landmark 1961 AISC Specification, what it was like to be a member of the Lehigh Mafia, and was he really an undercover FBI agent? (51:46)

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Episode 21 - August 2012 - John Barsom

August's (2012) episode features an interview with Dr. John Barsom - President of Barsom Consulting, Ltd and retired Director of Materials Technology/Research Fellow at U.S. Steel Research Laboratory. Tune in to hear John and Margaret discuss how he made his way to the U.S., his pioneering days in the fracture field and his significant contributions to the steel industry. (37:27)

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Episode 20 - July 2012 - Michael A. West

July's (2012) episode features a conversation with Michael A. West, P.E., AIA - Vice President at Computerized Structural Design, S.C. - Milwaukee, WI. Tune in to hear Mike and Margaret chat about his early aspirations to be an architect, his passion for politics, and his plans to fulfill his lifelong dream to attend the Monaco Grand Prix. (27:59)

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Episode 19 - June 2012 - Michel Bruneau

June's (2012) episode features an interview with Michel Bruneau, Ph.D., P.E. - Professor in the Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo and current T.R. Higgins Lectureship Award Winner. Tune in to hear Michel and Margaret talk about his path from Quebec City to California, his earthquake reconnaissance adventures, and his latest novel, "Shaken Allegiances". (54:21)

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Episode 18 - May 2012 - James O. Malley

Tune in for May's (2012) episode when Margaret will be talking with James O. Malley, S.E., P.E. of Degenkolb Engineers - San Francisco, CA. Listen in to hear Jim tell Margaret about his earthquake reconnaissance adventures, what it was like to study under Egor Popov, and the new 2010 AISC Seismic Provisions. (45:18)

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Episode 17 - April 2012 - Carol Drucker

April 2012's episode features an interview with Carol Drucker, S.E., P.E., SECB of Drucker Zajdel Structural Engineers in Naperville, IL. Tune in to hear Carol and Margaret chat about how she fell into her Connection Design specialty, how she juggles being a small business owner, engineer, wife and mother, and what she'll be presenting at NASCC this month. (25:09)

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Episode 16 - March 2012 - William A. Thornton

March 2012's episode features an interview with William A. Thornton, Ph.D., P.E., past Chairman of the AISC Manuals Committee for over 25 years and corporate consultant to Cives Corporation. Tune in to hear Bill and Margaret talk about his inspiration for the Uniform Force Method, the poetry of Tolkien and why connection design is the last bastion of rational design. (43:05)

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Episode 15 - February 2012 - Lawrence A. Kloiber

Tune in for February 2012's episode, featuring an interview with Lawrence A. Kloiber, P.E., consultant to LeJeune Steel Co. Listen to Larry and Margaret chat about his career spanning over 40 years in the structural steel construction industry, some of his monumental projects like the Minneapolis Convention Center, and his thoughts on the next big structural steel innovation. (33:15)

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Episode 14 - January 2012 - Roger Ferch

Don't miss January 2012's episode to hear an interview with AISC President Roger Ferch, P.E. Tune in to hear Roger and Margaret talk about his early aspirations to be a dentist, how he decided to take the job as AISC President and some of his favorite construction projects. (27:29)

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Episode 13 - December 2011 - Thomas M. Murray

Tune in for December 2011's episode to hear Margaret's interview with Thomas M. Murray, Ph.D., P.E. - Virginia Tech Emeritus Professor, Blacksburg, VA, where Tom talks about his floor vibration research and shares great stories about working on the St. Louis Arch, his many travel adventures and much more! (21:19)

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Episode #12 - November 2011 - Charlie Carter

Join us for November 2011's episode, when Margaret will be chatting with AISC Vice President and Chief Structural Engineer, Charlie Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D. about his grad school days at Penn State, his collection of interesting steel mementos, and his 20-year career at AISC. (44:23)

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Episode 11 - October 2011 - Reidar Bjorhovde

Join us for October 2011's episode to hear an interview with international research expert, Reidar Bjorhovde, Ph.D., P.E. Tune in to hear Reidar catch Margaret up on fascinating research going on around the world, what it was like to be an AISC regional engineer in the 70's, and to find out how to say "I love steel" in Norwegian! (34:56)

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Episode 10 - September 2011 - Ted Galambos

Tune in for September 2011's episode to hear an interview with the Father of LRFD himself, Ted Galambos, Ph. D., P.E.! Listen in to hear Ted tell Margaret how he made it all the way from Budapest to North Dakota, about his dangerous but fascinating research on the infamous Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis, and find out if he'll be writing his LRFD memoirs anytime soon. (37:11)

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Episode 9 - August 2011 - Omer Blodgett

In celebration of SteelDay, coming up on September 23rd, August 2011's podcast features a classic interview from our archives with one of the steel industry's heroes. In 1997, Charlie Carter, current Vice President and Chief Structural Engineer for AISC, presented Omer Blodgett with the AISC Luminary Award and recorded this interview. (27:56)

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Episode 8 - July 2011 - Cindi Duncan

You won't want to miss July 2011's episode - an interview with Cindi Duncan, AISC's Director of Engineering, where Cindi will be giving Margaret the skinny on the new 14th Edition Steel Construction Manualwhat it was like to be the first female engineer on staff at AISC, and what's coming up in the Design Guide series. (28:04)

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Episode 7 - June 2011 - Mark Trimble

June 2011's episode shines a spotlight on AISC's annual SteelDay Event, coming up on September 23, 2011! Tune in to hear an interview with fabricator Mark Trimble of Huntington Steel from the perspective of a SteelDay host where we discuss how to go about hosting a Steel Day Event, how hosting an event can impact your business and create opportunities, and how to keep your event fresh and exciting every year. (22:15)

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Episode 6 - May 2011 - Frank Hatfield

May 2011's installment is on the National Student Steel Bridge Competition. This episode features an interview with Frank Hatfield, Chair of the competition's rules committee. Listen in to hear Frank discuss how the competition got its start, how a successful team approaches the competition, and all about this year's 20th annual event that was held at Texas A&M May 20-21! (33:27)

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Episode 5 - April 2011 - Scott Melnick

April 2011's episode is an interview with Scott Melnick, AISC Vice President. Known as "Chief Storyteller for the Structural Steel Industry", Scott's 22 year vocation at AISC ranges from editing Modern Steel Construction, the nations's leading magazine for structural engineers) to supervising AISC's membership and IT departments, to planning NASCC: The Steel Conference. Tune in to hear Scott talk about his brash youth at AISC, his favorite MSC stories, and to give us the exclusive scoop about new & exciting things happening at NASCC: The Steel Conference coming to Pittsburgh in May! (49:11)

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Episode 4 - March 2011 - Louis F. Geschwindner

March 2011's installment is an interview with Louis F. Geschwindner, Ph.D., P.E. Dr. Geschwindner is a former Vice President of Engineering and Research at AISC and Professor Emeritus of Architectural Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Tune in to hear Lou talk about his 40 years at Penn State, his outrageous tie collection, his tenure at AISC, and his moustache maintenance! (32:03)

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Episode 3 - February 2011 - Duane Miller

February 2011's installment is an interview with welding expert Duane Miller, Sc.D., P.E., Manager of Engineering Services at The Lincoln Electric Company in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Miller is a recognized authority on the design and performance of welded connections and is in demand as a speaker on the subject all over the world. Tune in to hear Duane talk about lessons in leadership, working with Omer Blodgett, and his own welding skills. (48:29) 

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Episode 2 - January 2011 - Shankar Nair

January 2011's episode is an interview with the incoming AISC Specification Chairman, Shankar Nair, Ph.D., S.E., a principal and senior vice president of Teng & Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL. In a career that has focused on structural engineering for large architectural and civil engineering projects, Dr. Nair has designed many major bridges, including structures for interstate highways over the Mississippi River, and the structural systems of many skyscrapers. Join us for this broadcast and listen to Shankar discuss the upcoming challenges of being the newly elected Specification Chair and his views on our industry. (18:13)

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Episode 1 - December 2010 - James Fisher

December 2010: We are proud to announce that the first podcast in our new series is an interview with James Fisher, Ph.D., P.E.  In addition to a long and illustrious career as a structural engineer, Dr. Fisher was the Chairman of the AISC Specification Committee from 2003-2009.  As such, Jim was at the helm for publication of the historic 2005 Specification.  Listen to his thoughts on his tenure as Specification Chair, what he thinks about LRFD and ASD, what the biggest challenges were in bringing the two together, and where does he keep his green book these days? (27:03)

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