Aladdin Hotel
By Robert J. McNamara
A 38-story design-build steel structure features a staggered-truss frame

Be Careful: You May Get What You Asked For
By Douglas N. Elliott
I'm a structural engineer and you're a Fabricator - Do you want to fight?

Connections for Skewed Beams
By W. Thornton and L. Kloiber
The standard connection details assume that the members being connected frame at right angles to each other

Effective Contract and Shop Drawings
By Emile W. J. Troup
Should pre-qualification of structural fabricators be specified?

Training Steel Detailers
By Hugh Dobbie
Steel detailing is an important part of the process of bringing architectural and engineering designs to completion.

What Every Steel Erector Should Know About Welding Requirements
By Duane K. Miller
The AISC Erector Certification Program has been established to enhance the quality of structural steel erection

Why The Engineer Of Record Needs To Listen To The Fabricator
By James Fisher
This paper is part of the 1999 North American Steel Construction Conference session: "How The EOR Can Benefit From Listening To The Expertise Of The Fabricator/Erector."