Weekly Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to Modern Steel Construction's Weekly Quiz questions! We'll also post our monthly winners here. 

Week of December 4

True or False: Provisions for determining the lateral-torsional buckling strength of solid wideflange beams can be used for castellated and cellular beams if the cross-sectional properties are calculated at the gross section of the beam.
True. Failure of castellated beams by lateral-torsional buckling is similar to that of solid wide-flange beams, with the holes having little influence.

Week of November 27

When detailing a steel beam, the drawings do not have to be drawn to scale in which dimension?
a. Longitudinal or length
b. Depth or height
c. Width
a. Longitudinal or length.

Week of November 20

A single-sided CJP groove weld without a backing bar:
a. is impossible
b. should be avoided
c. is possible due to recent advances in robotic welding technology
b. This situation should be avoided. These joints are seldom justifiable economically or structurally. They are expensive for several reasons: welder qualifications are appreciably more demanding, the resulting joints are not prequalified and preparation and fit-up are more exacting. Inspection of such welds can be difficult and potentially controversial when attempts are made to confirm acceptable complete penetration. Weld repairs are intricate and may damage other portions of the joint unless care is used.

Week of November 13

Surface finish quality of steel castings typically has the appearance of a(n):
a. Eggshell
b. Popcorn ceiling
c. Orange peel
d. Hot-rolled steel member
c. Orange peel. Surface quality needs to be addressed for architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) castings. Appropriateness of the surface finish will depend on many factors, including the casting process, coating system used, viewing distance and AESS category.

Week of November 6

ASTM A307 bolts are commonly referred to as:
a. Common bolts
b. Plain bolts
c. Soft bolts
d. Machine bolts
e. All of the above
e. All of the above. These fasteners are not typically used in primary framing member connections.

Week of October 30

Which of the following is true regarding weathering steel?
a. Not all shapes will age/color the same
b. Standard electrodes will not weather the same as adjacent materials
c. A low corrosion rate can achieve a 120-year design life with nominal maintenance
d. All of the above
e. None of the above
d. All of the above. Find out more about the benefits and challenges associated with weathering in the NASCC presentation “Building with Weathering Steel.”