eSteel: A New Business Model
By Paul Doherty, AIA
The recent mergers of Internet companies like Netscape with America Online and Excite with @Home shows us that embracing fast change is the core of our new Internet-based economy.

Lessons Learned in the Field
By Omer W. Blodgett, ScD., P.E
Engineers have been taught that as soon as the applied load reaches the yield strength the material will yield and exhibit ductile behavior. This, however, offers a limited view.

Rules of Thumb for Steel Design
By Socrates A. Ioannides, Ph.D and John L. Ruddy P.E
In earlier times when computers were neither available nor essential, one objective of the structural design process was to discover a computational method, which was elegant, simple and appropriately accurate.

S.F. Airport Roof Truss Erection
By Roger E. Ferch, Patrick M. Hassett
A dramatic 860' long winglike roof that presents its profile to cars arriving on the access road while soaring 60 to 90' above the floor of a cavernous ticketing hall. (117KB PDF)

Steel High-Rise Outlasts Blaze
By Robert Dexter and Le-Wu Lu
For more than 18-hours, fire raged through nine floors of a 38-story building, burning the contents of each floor in about two hours and then jumping to the floor above.

Taking Your Weld's Temperature
By R. Scott Funderburk
A successful welded conection requires properly monitoring and sometimes adjusting the temperature of both base metal and weld metal before, during, and after welding.