Above and Around
By William F. O'Donnell, P.E., Ronald A. Peron, P.E, S.E., and Paul E. Fulton, P.E.
Jewish Hospital in downtown Louisville overcame expansion challenges by building above and around its existing rehabilitation facilty.

Bridging the Past
By Joe Deneault, P.E.
The Blennerhassett Bridge completes a strategic West Virginia corridor - using 30 million pounds of high-performance steel.

Engineering Software Products

Bookmark and Share Form and Function By Geoff Weisenberger Manitou Springs, Colorado's new Shared Integrated Learning Center uses steel to create an aesthetic structure for this artsoriented mountain community.

Framing Systems and Thermal Mass
By Mark Gorgolewski, PH.D.

SteelWise: Prequalified Seismic Moment Connections
By Gregory Kochalski and Jason Ericksen, S.E.
Here's a visual summary of the seismic requirements for two prequalified moment connections. 

Quality Corner: Internal Audits: Making Them Happen - Part 2: Action
By Pat Thomashefsky
After the preparation stage, it's time for the audit itself. Here are some suggestions on performing your internal audit and addressing the results.

Shear Strength
By Anne B. Monnier, P.E. and Anthony P Harasimowicz, P.E.
Steel plate shear walls made this hospital expansion possible.