Above-Grade, Below Estimate
By Matt Johnson, P.E.
The low bid for this steel plate girder viaduct in Omaha came in 6.4 percent under the engineer's cost estimate.

Good Chemistry
By Geoff Weisenberger

Making Waves
By Larry McDowell

New Span, New Steel
By S. Vaynman, M.E. Fine, C. Hahin, N. Biondolillo, and C. Crosby

Protective Coatings & Fire Protection Products

Rethinking Shop Drawings
By Gary C. Whited, P.E., and Walter J. Gatti

Seismic-Resistant Structures: What to Know When Estimating Cost
By Patrick M. Hassett, S.E.
There's a lot to consider when it comes to estimating costs for steel projects in highseismic areas.

Steel Bridge News - March 2007
By Conn Abnee
A quarterly feature highlighting the latest news from the National Steel Bridge Alliance.

Steel Galvanizer Listing

SteelWise: Joist the Facts
By Perry Green and Todd Alwood

SteelWise: Structural Steel Materials Update
By Sergio Zoruba, Ph.D., P.E., and William Liddy
Are you specifying the latest in structural steel materials? This update from AISC's Steel Solutions Center summarizes the latest standards.

Communication Breakdown
By Brian Raff
Effective communication about AISC Certification and its benefits leads to successful and cost-effective steel projects.