2009 Prize Bridge Competition
The NSBA Prize Bridge Competition honors significant and innovative steel bridges constructed in the United States. Awards are presented in a variety of categories, including long span, medium span, short span, movable span, major span, reconstructed, and special purpose.

Durable Bridge Coatings
By Eric Kline
Successful today and getting even better for tomorrow.

Surrounded by Science
By Thomas J. Normile, P.E., and Amanda Gibney Weko
An urban research campus expands its knowledge base with a new, steel-framed addition.

Specifying Buckling-Restrained Brace Systems
By Kimberley Robinson, S.E.
Using the ductility of steel effectively in concentrically braced frames.

Auditing in the 21st Century
By Duke Okes
Personal competence and integrity are as important as ever.

Increasing Profitability with Project Cost Data
By Curt Finch
A structured approach to collecting good information helps you make better-informed decisions.

Ignoring the Wisdom of Crowds
By Jason Cohen
Let's start with some fascinating, unassailable facts. Then we'll assail them.