Truly Redeeming Qualities
By Adam Cryer, P.E.
Crisscrossing the nave with four large steel trusses provides an inspiring, open worship space.

Steel Structures in Haiti One Year Later
By Steven M. Baldridge, S.E., P.E., LEED AP
Steel-framed buildings performed well under significant seismic loading.

Achieving Economy Through Investing in Detailing
By Kerri S. Olsen
A good design's constructability hinges on the work of experienced and competent steel detailers.

Keeping the Stress in Balance
By Gregory P. Garrett, P.E.
Staging the construction was the key to repurposing this highway overpass from a simple to a continuous span.

One Question/Two Answers - Bridges: Life Cycle Costing
Question: Do you incorporate life cycle costing into your decision-making process? If so, how?

The Brooklyn Bridge: First Steel-Wire Suspension Bridge
By Jim Talbot
Constructed against great adversity over a 14-year period, this 128-year-old landmark continues to serve the people of New York and America.

Consideration for Welder Generator Selection
By John Leisner
Using a welder that also provides air and AC power can cut both clutter and costs.

On Galvanized Bolts and Nuts
By Chris Curven
Three important aspects of using galvanized fasteners and how to avoid problems in the field.

Floor Levelness in Building Construction
By Erika Winters-Downey, S.E., LEED AP BD+C
An overview of how structural engineers can control deflection and pitch with regard to floors.

The Importance of Internal Auditing
By Sheila Alegria
The role of internal auditors is perhaps even more important than that of your financial auditors, so devote the proper resources to it.

She Has An Eye for Steel
Knowing what she was looking for has allowed Jennifer Jernigan to capture some of her favorite photos.