Going With the Flow
By James Grant and Scott Stewart, PE
A collaborative delivery approach facilitated a fluid experience for a public works project in the heart of Washington.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Your Contracts and Subcontracts
By Angela Richie, Joe Hardesty and David Ratterman 
Wait! Before you bid, it’s important to look for these legal pitfalls in your contracts and subcontracts.

Let’s Talk Seismic
By Brent Maxfield, SE
Seismic matters should be discussed in a language we can all understand.

Streamlined Certification
By Todd Alwood
New requirements and a new standard set the stage for a simplified certification process with consistency built in. 

When Aesthetics Govern
By Terri Meyer Boake
Pedestrian bridges, architecturally exposed structural steel and you.

NASCC: The Steel Conference 2018 Exhibitors
A list of every exhibitor at this year’s conference.

AESS Comes of Age 
By Jacinda Collins
Taking the fear out of selecting the appropriate architecturally exposed structural steel category.

Industry Lift  
By Bill Issler
Attracting the next generation to the structural steel industry.