22   Design-Assist and the AISC Code
By Charles J. Carter SE, PE, PhD
A formal interpretation and related thoughts.

24   Aloha, Steel
By James Savage, SE, PE
Steel successfully addresses all of the typical challenges of building in the Aloha State in the form of a new hospital tower in Honolulu.

28   Healing Oasis
By Tim Heiman, SE
Shriners Hospitals looks to steel to meet sustainability requirements and seismic design challenges with style.

34   A Living, Breathing Building
By Bryan Seamer, SE
A new pharmaceutical headquarters building uses steel to bring its science-inspired design to efficient reality.

40   Brainy Building
By Thomas W. Taylor, PE, and Rodolfo D’Arlach, PE
Smart thinking and an intelligent construction approach help bring a brilliantly designed cognitive research facility to life. Genius!

46   Better Seismic Performance
By Charles W. Roeder, PhD, Dawn E. Lehman, PhD, and Jeffrey W. Berman, PhD
A look at seismic evaluation and improvements to older (pre-1988) concentrically braced frames.

50   The Resilient New Kid in Town
By Eric Moe, PE
An innovative braced frame system makes its debut in Wyoming.

54   SpeedCore and Composite Plate Shear Walls
By Morgan Broberg, Soheil Shafaei and Jungil Seo
A brief look at the seismic behavior of the SpeedCore system.

58   To 3 or Not to 3
By Patrick J. Fortney, SE, PE, PEng, PhD, and John Hooper, SE, PE
Tips on selecting the best seismic system for your next project.


16   Stated Limits
By Carlo LIni, PE
A look at yield-line analysis and how to use it to determine 
flexure limit states.

business issues
20   One-on-One
By Jeffrey W. Foley
Individual coaching—when done properly—is the most effective way to develop your people.