24   Take Me to the River
By William Goulet, SE, and Marian Barth, PE
A new steel span provides safe pedestrian passage over a busy street to a prominent gathering spot along the Charles River in Boston.

34   Bending Basics
Curved steel: How it happens, what to know when it comes to designing it and why you should consider it for your next project.

52   16 Rules for Connection Design
By Carol Drucker, SE, PE, PEng, Bill Thornton, PE, PhD, Dominick D’Antonio, PE, Patrick J. Fortney, SE, PE, PEng, PhD, and Snehal Supe
Structural connections connect everyone—engineers, detailers, fabricators and erectors. And the better they are designed, the better it is for all parties involved with steel framing systems.

58   Filling the Gap
By Roline Pascal
A new coalition aims to close the skilled trades gap.


17   Don’t Get Blown Away
By James M. Fisher, PE, PhD, and Roger A. LaBoube, PE, PhD
AISC’s latest Design Guide focuses on designing areas to safely shelter occupants during high-wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes.

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22   Forging a Framework for Facilitating
By Anne Scarlett
Want to become a leader? Becoming a facilitator is one way to start.

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