26   In Full Swing
By Steve Horn
A signature steel staircase showcasing a pendulum benefits from some fabricator intuition.

34   Simplifying a Specifier’s Life One Click at a Time
By Todd Alwood
AISC’s new certification smart logos make it easier to verify a company’s or facility’s certification status.


36   Ongoing Involvement
By Christian Crosby, PE
Notes on improving fabrication quality through continuous communication by engaging and training shop and field personnel.

43   The Real Secret of Calibration
By Art Bustos and Larry Martof
Solid advice on calibrating your welding machines.

46   Pre-Bid Due Diligence
By Steven M. Henderson, David B. Ratterman and Aaron R. Klein
Here are some red flags that steel fabricators should look for during the bidding process.

52   To Grind or Not To Grind?
By Terri Meyer Boake
That is the essential question when dealing with AESS welds. And the answer is often “No!”

58   Determining Drift
By Brandt W. Saxey, SE, Curt Haselton, PE, PhD, and Chia-Ming Uang, PhD
A look at residual drift and post-earthquake residual fatigue life of buckling restrained braces.


17   Getting the Welds You Want and Need
By Robert E. Shaw, Jr., PE
Engineers can play a prominent role in charting the course for successful welded connections.

business issues
23   Defusing the Situation
By Jim Reeves
Conflict happens. Keeping it under control is crucial.

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